Located in the Flathead Valley in northwest Montana, Whitefish offers no shortage of activities for you and your family/Friends to incorporate into your trip.


While We know that your participation in The Last Best Ride will be the undisputed absolute pinnacle of your time in Whitefish, no doubt about it whatsoever, we do feel responsible to tell you that there's a bunch of other neato stuff to do here too.


We know: "activities that aren't riding bikes?! Ludicrous." But we're up against some seriously stiff competition in the running for the area's most beautiful outdoor escapade, and would be remiss if we didn't acknowledge them. 


we want to help guide you in planning the most holistically awesome trip possible, from choosing where you stay to recommending places to eat to simply figuring out how best to get to whitefish.

So, scroll through to...

  • book your reservation at one of the many amazing places you can stay during your time here

  • peruse the town's expansive restaurant scene

  • scope the variety of local must-do activities

  • Iron out the logistics of your travel itinerary

Travel Resources

Below you can find a wonderful compilation of everything you need to max out the fun during your trip to whitefish,  courtesy of the Whitefish Visitor Information Center, the Whitefish Convention and Visitors Bureau, and  Explore Whitefish 

Click the links below to see more information on each component of your trip. 

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Our Personal Highlights:

  • The Good Medicine Lodge

  • Hidden Moose Lodge

  • The Garden Wall Inn


Our Personal Highlights: 

  • Breakfast: The Buffalo

  • Coffee: Wild Coffee Company

  • Bakery: Fleur Bakery, Uptown Hearth

  • Casual: Bonsai Brewing Project

  • Dinner: Tupelo Grille


Our Personal Highlights:


Our Personal Highlights: 

  • Glacier Int'l Airport is only a 15-minute Drive from Whitefish! 

Land Use Statement 

We are in the process of submitting our event proposal to the anticipated relevant cooperating landowning entities. Full race courses will be Finalized and revealed upon proposal approval from said cooperating landowning entities.