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Event Photos and Media


Friday Happy Hour; Saturday Rides & Expo

Aidan Croskrey | @aidancroskrey

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Both Courses Canyon Creek River

Mountain Goat Short Course Final Descent

Aidan Croskrey | @aidancroskrey

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Sunday Mountain Goat Short Course at Big Mountain

Sunday Big Horn Sheep Scramble Long Course

Sean Malone | @montemphoto

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Sunday Big Horn Sheep Werner Peak (every rider!)

Drew Silvers | @drew_silvers | @drewsilversphoto

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*Also check out and share Drew’s drone footage of the start via his Instagram!!! 


Start & Finish Line Both Courses

Kirby Braumbaugh | @kgcontent

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Start Line & Big Horn Sheep Scramble

Burket Kniveton | @b.kniveton

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Finish Line Photos 

Chuck Finlay | @chuck_Fin

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Also check out:

Ted King's YouTube creation on his fundraising ride 


Gallery: Smiles for Montana miles at The Last Best Ride

by: Betsy Welch of Velonews


Sean Malone, Race Photographer 

Instagram: @montemphoto 

Ian Matteson of ENVE 

Instagram: @analogstrikesback

Girls Gone Gravel photos 

Instagram: @girlsgonegravel

Rosael Torres-Davis + Champion Scholar Award evening photos 

Instagram: @ms.fahrenheit27

Jeff Southerton, spectator 

Instagram: @del_mar_diesel

The Whitefish Pilot article and photos by Heidi Desch

VeloNews article by Betsy Welch

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