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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I need a gravel bike to participate in this event?  

A: No, a gravel bike is not required, but it is highly recommended for this event.  Alternative options would be a hard-tail mountain bike, followed by a CX bike.  We STRONGLY recommend against using a road bike on this course, but if you feel you must, please select the widest tires possible.  

Q: Are E-Bikes allowed? 

A: Unfortunately, due to permitting and land-use Restrictions, We cannot allow E-bikes in the Event. 

Q: What about the bears?!

A: Whitefish is Grizzly bear country, and while bear attacks are rare, it is important that you come prepared for not only The Last Best Ride, but also your other adventures around Whitefish and any possible trips into Glacier National Park.  We recommend taking the time to become bear-aware for your safety, as well as that of the animals who live in the areas that we have the privilege to recreate in.  

We recommend that you carry bear spray during The Last Best Ride, as well as during all your outdoor Montana activities.  You can purchase bear spray with your registration and we will have it ready to go with your race materials at packet pick-up. Below are a few bear etiquette resources courtesy of the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks 

Be Bear Aware - Courtesy of Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

Bear Spray Info and Video Tutorial - Courtesy of The National Park Service

Q: Can I transfer my entry?
A: Riders may transfer their entry to another rider until 11:59pm MST Wednesday, July 3, 2024.  TLBR organizers will not assist with transfers, so please do not ask us to help.  Yes, we will have a waitlist, but we are a very small operation, run by volunteers, and do not have the resources to help with the amount of requests we receive.


  1. Login to your RunSignup account (this is the account you used to register for the event)

  2. Under your profile, scroll down to view Upcoming Events

  3. Click Manage Registration to the right of your Last Best Ride event

  4. Click the Transfer to Another Runner menu option from the column on the left hand side

  5. That rider must then register with the link emailed to them and provide payment to you

  6. PLEASE NOTE: You will not receive a refund. Step 5 must be completed as listed

Q: Can I change courses if i've already registered?
Yes, you can change your course selection until Friday, July 26, 2024 at 11:59pm MST.  If you miss this deadline, course transfers can be made at packet pickup/expo. If changing from the short course to the long course, you will be required to pay the additional difference.  If changing from long to short, you will not be refunded the difference. 


  1. Login to your RunSignup account (this is the account you used to register for the event)

  2. Under your profile, scroll down to view Upcoming Events

  3. Click Manage Registration to the right of your Last Best Ride event

  4. Click the Transfer Event menu option from the column on the lefthand side

  5. Click the Start Transfer button

  6. Choose your New Event and click Continue

  7. Proceed through the registration questions

  8. Review your details, check the refund policy box, and click Complete Registration

  9. Once you complete the transfer process, you can confirm your event registration under the “Find A Participant” tab on the registration website.


A: All the info you need to know is below. You assume the risk when you register for the event.  We highly encourage you to purchase the third-party event insurance to help protect your registration in case of injury, Covid, other illness, pregnancy, etc.  No exceptions will be granted.

- Refund Policy -

The Last Best Ride has a no-refund policy.  As you’ve probably gathered from the above statement, we are a small, volunteer run event.  We operate on a razor thin budget and our proceeds benefit The Champion Scholar Award.  Therefore, we ask that you respect and acknowledge this policy prior to completing registration. 


RUN SIGN UP offers a third-party event insurance policy that participants may choose to purchase.  Unfortunately, The Last Best Ride organizers can’t be responsible for participant injuries and other life events including but not limited to the following: work events, weddings, pregnancies, illnesses, and weather/smoke conditions that might impact one's ability to train or participate in the event. 

- Deferral Policy -

No deferrals. While many larger events offer a deferral program, we simply do not have the resources or time to manage one.  We understand this may be frustrating, but please know that we are doing our best and must focus our energy on creating an exceptional event for those who can make it.  Again, please consider purchasing the third-party insurance offered via Run Sign Up to protect your registration.  Per our entry transfer policy, you may transfer your registration to another rider (without our assistance) until 11:59pm MST Monday, July 10, 2024.


Deferrals only for unforeseen events. Deferrals will only be allowed for unforeseen events, such as wildfires or other natural disasters which are out of the race organizer’s control. For more information, please refer to our Wildfire Policy below.


- Wildfire Policy -


Wildfires and smoke conditions vary over the course of the summer in Montana.  Often, even when the Whitefish area does not have active fires, smoke is blown in from the west causing poor air quality.  Wildfire conditions are variable, unpredictable, and can change daily in northwest Montana.  As we experienced in prior years, smoky conditions were persistent until race weekend where we experienced rain and clear skies.  In the event of an active wildfire posing a safety threat to The Last Best Ride courses and/or rider, volunteer or other participant safety, the race organizers reserve the right to cancel the event at any time.  Please keep in mind that we work with multiple different landowners that will also be looking out for the health and safety of everyone in our event. 


If The Last Best Ride is canceled due to a wildfire or other natural disaster, participants will have the options to (i) defer their registration at 50% value to 2025; or (ii) donate their registration to help cover operation costs.


As noted below, we will wait until race morning to determine cancellation, which means we incur the costs of operating the event (insurance, permits, etc) and compensating all of our local vendors, regardless of whether the race takes place or not.  As organizers, we invest our lives into this event and want nothing more than a flawless weekend, so we thank you in advance for understanding and respecting this policy.

In the event of smoky conditions causing variable air-quality, The Last Best Ride organizers reserve the right to make a final race cancellation decision by 6:00am on the race morning of Sunday July 28, 2024 based on for Whitefish, MT.  The Specific Air Quality Index chart we will refer to can be viewed here.


  1. The event will not be canceled for AQI 0 (green) to 100 (yellow).

  2. AQI reaching between 101-150 (orange), riders will have the choice to (i) complete the event, (ii) defer their registration at 50% value to 2025, or (iii) donate their registration.

  3. AQI reaching between 151-200 (Red), riders will have the choice to (i) complete the short course only​, (ii) defer their registration at 50% value to 2025, or (iii) donate their registration.

  4. AQI >200 (Purple or Maroon) the event will be canceled, riders will have the choice to (i) defer their registration at 50% value to 2025, or (ii) donate their registration.

TLBR Expressly Reserves The Right to Supplement or Amend This Information or Policies at Any Time. 

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